We are professional musicians by vocation. Celtic music is our passion. We take part in various projects promoting Irish music in Poland.
The members of the band are:
Anita Janukiewicz (violin): loves all forms of folklore. When it comes to folk, she's probably been everywhere. Not only does she play in our band, but also has mastered the violin and manages a music band Ethnoholic. Specialist in Carpathian arc folklore, has played with sea shanty groups. Currently she is practising a lot and discovering the magic of the Irish music.
Ekaterina Pervesentseva (bodhran, spoons): Katia is responsible for the rhythm section in our band. Her characteristic Irish bodhran is irreplaceable- without her the band would loose a half of its character. She loves mountain climbing and is a regular guest to the climbing rocks in Poland and abroad.
Stanisław Marinczenko (Irish bouzouki, mandolin, guitar, Celtic harp, accordion): It is redundant to write about Staszek. Just take a look at the number of instruments he has mastered. Multi-instrumentalist who plays in several projects-not only Celtic (Projekt Volodia, music duo with a bard Igorem Jelink from the Czech Republic).
Bartłomiej Ostaszewski (guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin): the founder and the manager of the band, started Rhiannon to promote Celtic music in Poland. He takes part in music and dance projects of Celtycki Wrocław and Wrotańcówka. He completes the band program with his vocal.
We have presented our music to the wide audience of the biggest Irish and sea shanty pubs in Poland (Brogans, Poznań; Łykend, Wrocław;Stary Port, Kraków) sweeping away the audience. We have also performed at many festivals, sea shanty festivals and outdoor concerts.